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About Lex Doviin


Onyx SWAN 

The figure of strength and serenity, a elegant gem with calming abilities which directs us on a path of relaxing emotions and protection.

Spirit SWAN

Qualities that form as typical elements in our hearts. Love and the soul reimagined through SWAN.

Dream SWAN

Forever in our minds and never to be lost, the drive and ambition. Through sunshine or rain WE love to Dream WE love to be SWAN.

Modern, Stylish, and Encouraging, Lex Doviin is developed with a modernized point of view. The mission ahead is to establish leadership at an international level in the luxury marketplace.

The SWAN figure symbolizes freedom and opportunity, to case the Spirit and Dream that WE all want, know and hold dear to our hearts. Forgive the pain and all that will be left is love. Love to be SWAN.

- [Synergy. WE. All. Need]

Lex Doviin's products represents love and strength in innovation for African Americans geared to break the chain of foreign brands. WE can own a piece of history and make a difference through fashion. WE can change the industry together, one step at a time. Our stamp on luxury and fashion starts now with

"A Style to Swan For."

Lex Doviin is Black owned and a Proud supporter of Black Excellence.

A percentage of All Purchases made will be donated to:

Company Information

Business Entity: Lex Doviin LLC

Registered Office: 2501 Chatham Rd, STE 200

Springfield, IL 62704

Website editor: Lex Doviin 

Website hosting provider: Wix Web development company

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